Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program

The Home Weatherization Program is designed to aid income eligible residents by making their homes more energy efficient, thereby reducing their energy costs and improving living conditions. This is done by adding attic, sidewall and floor insulations, proper venting for attic and crawl spaces, caulking, weather-stripping, broken glass replacements,  window and door repair, when approved by Illinois Home Energy Audit. To be eligible for this program you have to show proof of income for the past 12 months, proof of home ownership (home ownership or landlord) and a fuel bill in applicant name at time of application. Federal funding for this program is from the Department of Energy and the Department of Health & Human Services, and is administrated by the Healthcare & Family Services Office of Energy Assistance.. ERBA also offers furnace repair and or replacement as is deemed necessary for proper safety of the client. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are also offered as safety equipment. Ventilation is also checked on all gas combustion appliances and repairs made where necessary. In extreme cases water heaters may be replaced when there is a safety hazard. Contact us at 605 S Saratoga, Olney IL 62450 PH 618-395-1325