Energy Assistance Programs

Our Energy Assitance Programs Offer:

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The LIHEAP program is designed to assist low-income citizens by offsetting the rising cost of home energy through direct financial assistance, energy counseling, outreach and education.

According to funding availability, ERBA  will offer three types of

LIHEAP assistance

  1. Energy Assistance: These one-time payments will apply to all income eligible households.  Applicants must prove they are low income and responsible for their home heating costs. Payments are determined by household size, fuel type, and geographic location.
  2. Emergency Services: Payments will apply to eligible households that are  disconnected from their utility or where their supplier has refused to deliver fuel.
  3. Emergency furnace repair to restore a home heating source.

 Current LIHEAP Income Guidelines

 Family   Size           30-Day (Gross) Monthly Income Range Must be at or below:
    1    $2,147
    2    $2,903
    3    $3,660
    4    $4,417
    5    $5,173
    6    $5930
    7    $6,590
    8    $6,737 
    9   $6,883
   10   $7,029

Please call your local outreach office (see locations in menu above) for an appointment.  The LIHEAP program ends at 4:00 pm on May 31st.

Universal Signature Sheet- Your application cannot be completed without your signature on this document. (Print, sign and upload with all other required documentation at the end of the pre-application form).

 Click here to download and print the Universal Signature Sheet. It can then be uploaded when required.


Click here to submit the Universal Signature Sheet online. You can sign with your mouse, finger, or stylus.


Document Uploader– Use this ONLY if directed to this link by your local outreach specialist.

 Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP)

If Ameren is one of your utilities, we also have the PIPP program, which  offers a monthly benefit with an affordable client payment. Please contact your local office for more details. New PIPP apps are only taken between September 1, 2021 and March 30th 2022. 

Warm Neighbors Cool Friends (WNCF)

WNCF is a matching grant for Ameren clients who are elderly, disable, or going through a crisis and are above the income guidelines for LIHEAP. An account must be in good standing. Match will be granted up to a payment of $350 in the winter heating months and $200 in the summer months. 

 Family   Size           30-Day (Gross) Monthly Income Range Must be between:
    1    $2,146-$3,219
    2    $2,904-$4,356
    3    $3,660-$5,490
    4    $4,416-$6,624
    5    $5,174-$7,761
    6    $$5,930-$8,895
    7    $6,686-$10,029
    8    $7,353-$12,868

Please contact your local outreach office ( see locations menu above) to make an appointment.