CSBG Income Guidelines for 2022
Family Size30 day income

For family units more than 8 members, add an additional $787 per member. 

If your income is at or below the above guidelines, you may be eligible for CSBG services.

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ONLINE PREAPPS for these programs have been temporarily suspended. Please check back soon or contact your local ERBA office for further information.



The CSBG Emergency Assistance Program is available to income eligible applicants who have been or are in danger of being evicted from their home. These funds can be used to pay two months of rent maximum (no deposits) with a maximum dollar amount of $750 per household. Applicant must have had a financial crisis within the past 30-day beyond their control, complete an online Financial Literacy Program and budget worksheet. These funds can also be used to purchase prescribed medications on an emergency basis or to assist customers who have had their water disconnected or pending disconnection. Applications are taken year round while funds are available.


The Family Functioning Development program is designed to provide long term (if necessary) case management to income eligible individuals who wish to change their lives and become self-sufficient. Participants will receive regular counseling with their local ERBA Family and Community Development Specialist, along with some monetary assistance when deemed necessary for the purpose of the program.

Acceptance depends on meeting program requirements and funding availability.


The CSBG Rural Health Program is offered to income eligible applicants who will need to make multiple trips to a healthcare facility for medical treatment. Qualifying applicants will receive gas cards based on visits and distance once approved. Applications are taken year round while funds are available.


The CSBG Scholarship Program is available to income eligible youth and adults who are or will be attending an Illinois College, University, or Community College as a full time student (12 credit hours or more). Applicants must have at least a (C) grade point average. Grades must be provided at time of application and if approved, at the end of the semester. 2022 Scholarship Application available here for fall enrollments. Everyone is
encouraged to apply.  


The CSBG School Supply Program is offered to low- income students in grades K-12. Qualifying students will receive school supplies required by their teacher. Applications are taken during the summer for fall enrollment. This program is funded by the Community Services Block Grant through the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, as well as donations from area businesses, organizations, and individuals.


Eligible persons interested in obtaining a CDL license, CNA certification for examples, can receive assistance with tuition, and testing costs related to successful training completion and job placement. Participants must meet CSBG income guidelines, provide all required documentation, complete college training, and obtain employment. Acceptance depends on meeting program requirements and funding availability.


Through this program, ERBA can provide gas card assistance to income eligible individuals who may be starting college courses or new employment (within first 30 days) and unable to afford to drive to a new job or school. Applications are taken year round while funds are available