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ERBA Programs provided under CSBG:


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Description: awillbu1 Family Functioning Development

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For more information on any of the programs listed below,

please feel free to contact your local ERBA Outreach Office.


School Supplies


The CSBG School Supply Program is offered to income eligible students in grades K-12. Qualifying students will receive a backpack filled with school supplies required by their teacher. Applications are taken during the

summer for fall enrollment.






Emergency/ Crisis Assistance


The CSBG Emergency/Crisis Assistance Program is available to income eligible applicants who have been or are in danger of being evicted from their home due to nonpayment of rent. These funds can be used to pay one month or current rent (no deposits). Applicant must have an eviction notice from their landlord. These funds can also be used for water reconnection and prescription medications on an emergency basis. Applications are taken year around while funds are available.




Family Functioning Development


The CSBG Family Functioning Development Program is designed to assist income eligible individuals in attaining self-sufficiency and a better quality of life. ERBA’s Family and Community Development Specialists provide case management and work closely with individuals in setting goals and helping them achieve those goals. Those who successfully complete the program no longer need to rely on others for their well-being.




Scholarship Program


The CSBG Scholarships are available to income eligible individuals who will be attending an Illinois college, university, or community college. Students must have at least a C grade point average and be enrolled as a full time student with 12 credit hours or more. Applications are taken during the spring and summer for fall enrollments.




Employment Resource Lab


 The CSBG Employment Resource Lab (ERL) is designed to help income eligible individuals gain computer skills and improve their chance in the job market. Participants attend basic computer classes where they will learn computer skills, as well as résumé writing and job interviewing skills. There is no cost to eligible participants.

For more information, please contact your local Outreach office.




Eligible persons interested in obtaining a CDL license or CNA certification can receive assistance with tuition, supplies, testing and other costs related to successful training completion and job placement.


Participants must meet CSBG income guidelines, provide all required documentation, complete college training, and obtain employment. Acceptance depends on meeting program requirements and funding availability.


Please contact your local Outreach office for more information.






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